Board Members

Regional Directors:
Director of Columbia – Kim Boufawaz
Director of Greenville – Doug Kopscik
Director of Myrtle Beach – Wendy Williams

Executive Members:
President – Charles Brooks
Secretary – Saundra Ligon

About Us

Mission Statement

"The FBI Columbia Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBI Columbia CAAA) is a nonprofit organization, separate and apart from the FBI. It is designed to promote a safer community through the initiation of community service projects and the education of business, labor, media, medical, minority, religious, government, senior citizen, and other community leaders about law enforcement, with particular emphasis on the mission, resources, and limitations of the FBI. The FBI CCAAA goals include: 

(A) Providing a forum for strengthening the relationship and improving the understanding between the FBI Columbia Division and the community it serves. 

(B) Facilitating the continuing education of FBI Citizens Academy graduates about the FBI, its mission, activities, and people. 

​(C) Nominate candidates for enrollment in the FBI Citizens Academy who will serve as ambassadors and effective advocates for the FBI and federal law enforcement."

FBI Columbia Citizens Academy Alumni Association

Board of Directors:
Director of Activities – Bill Oden
Director of Community Engagement - Vanessa Mota
Director of Membership – Nathan Phillips

The FBI Columbia Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the mission of the FBI while remaining separate and apart from the FBI.

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