Becoming a partner, sponsor or donor for the FBI Columbia CAAA is a great way to support the mission of this important organization. As a sponsor or donor, you can provide critical funding for programs and resources that help to promote safety and security in the Columbia area. Your contributions can help to support the volunteer efforts of local citizens who work alongside the FBI to protect our communities from threats both foreign and domestic. By joining forces with the FBI Columbia CAAA, you can make a meaningful impact on the safety and security of our community. For more information: Contact Us

FBI Columbia Citizens Academy Alumni Association

FBI Columbia CAAA President, Dr. Charles Brooks with FBI National CAAA President, Karen Corrigan, National Director of Chapter Engagement, Kelly Lopez, Regional Mentor, Guillermo Torres, FBI National CAAA Treasurer, Valerie Minner, Region 4 Chapter Coordinator, Allison Sjolund


The FBI Columbia Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a community of business and civic leaders who have come together to promote the ideals of the FBI. We are individuals from all walks of life, who are passionate about making our community a better and safer place. Our organization is composed of individuals who have graduated from the FBI Columbia Citizens Academy program and who now work together to support the FBI in its mission to protect and defend our country. We are proud to be a part of this community and are committed to continuing our work even beyond our graduation from the program. Our shared goal is to promote education, support law enforcement, and to foster closer relationships between the FBI, fellow law enforcement agencies, and our community.

Building Stronger Community Connections

Consider becoming a volunteer of the FBI Columbia CAAA. Volunteering as a member of our association is a great opportunity for individuals who have completed the FBI Columbia Citizens Academy program and wish to continue their involvement with the FBI. As volunteers, you have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of activities such as outreach programs, fundraising events and crime prevention initiatives. By serving as a community ambassador, you play and important role in promoting public trust and confidence in the FBI's mission of protecting the nation. CONTACT US FOR OPPORTUNITIES